Gravel Pit To Golf Course

Gravel Pit to Golf Course is chronicling the transformation of an old Gravel Pit as it is converted to a beautiful 13 hole golf course.

Showcasing as much as possible, before and after photos of each hole, specific viewpoints, sharing the work that is going into making this course a reality.

Update: It is wintertime (1-9-2022) in Brainerd, currently. The landscape is frozen. In a few short months, the land will awaken and the work from the summer of 2021 will spring forth to life. This course will look gorgeous!

This website is by me, John Chapman – and I am just a guy working on the project every day doing all kinds of things.

As I fill in this website with pictures and video, you will see and understand the work needed to facilitate the transformation of a raw gravel pit into a golf course.


Drone Flight showing more green coming in! (7-4-2021)

Drone flight over the golf course (6-26-2021):

And a little older: